The 1974-75 Oregon Daily Emerald Orientation Issue

Greg Bryant

In 1973, I started hanging out on campus, at the University of Oregon. One of my haunts was the daily newspaper: the Oregon Daily Emerald. I started by casually organizing part of their filing system, but then they asked if I wanted to write and photograph. It's rather odd that they paid a 13-year-old to take writing and photo assignments. Some only tolerated it. I clearly remember Randy Shilts heavily editing my pieces in front of me: pointing, writing, smiling, shaking his head. Lots of interesting political discussions with Clay Eals. Warren Morgan and Eric Boekelheide ushering me through the world of photojournalism. Paul Ollswang running in with drawings at the last minute. A star of a university theatre production who could not understand why the paper had sent a child to review their play. Finally I remember my second editor, Drex Heikes, setting an example by burning midnight oil for this 1974 Orientation Issue. This was an experimental book-length guide for the student (225 pages!) published at the start of the academic year. They were short-staffed, so I worked on layout, took photos, edited, and wrote some articles -- including this one-page guide to the museums on campus.

... and the library, in the same issue